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Eurovision Song Contest

I'm in the mood to talk about the Eurovision Contest (don't ask why ._.)
So, here's a short history lesson for everyone who's outside Europe (or from Italy).
Basically, every year there’s this song contest. Countries around Europe choose an artist to represent them at the Eurovision Contest. Usually the National Television organizes a song contest where people can vote for their favorite song but sometimes there’s no vote and the country just choose an artist to represent them.
The Eurovision Song Contest is what you love when you’re five years old, is what you and your friends are obsessed with when you’re ten and… is what you can’t stand when you’re 15.
Under the cut you can see videos from some of Slovenian represents I remember.

First of all. I want to start with HER.
She’s not Slovenian but she represented Yugoslavia back in 1990, when I wasn’t even three years old. The only thing I know is that I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG and thank god my parents never bought a video camera because apparently I used to sing it and dance along it a lot.

For some unknown reason, Slovenia likes to send ballads. I never understood why, especially because most of the time the winners are catchy songs.
This is probably the only ballad Slovenia sent over that I liked, maybe because I was 10 years old and the lyrics are actually a fairy tale.

In 2001 things starts to change. Slovenian song is not a ballad. And is decided that the lyrics will be translated in English so people all around Europe would understand it better.
I’m still wondering who the fuck translated ‘No, that’s not true, you know is not’ in ‘Energy, oh what you do to me’.

2002. Slovenia wants to win. Let’s shock Europe! If Israel sent a transsexual artist in 1998 and won, we can do better. This is the result…

2003. Slovenia is still searching for the best catchy song. So it’s chosen the one I think is the stupidest song every with lyrics that just… blargh. This girl was actually so sure she’d win that when she ended she left the music world (and no, I am not missing her).

I have to admit that I totally ignore the represents from 2004 so I’m not even looking for their video. However, 2005 came and my beloved country decided to play with teenagers.
“Let’s send over a teen idol with a love ballad, the girls will totally love that!” Guess what? Big fail.

2006. Still stick with the idea of a teen idol. But that year they tried with a catchy song. Double fail.

In 2007 Slovenia did a very interesting step. The represent was an opera singer. Still it wasn’t enough.

Last year I really don’t know what they were thinking. Probably they ran out of any idea so they opted for an ex-miss. *sighs*

I’m kinda scared to see who’s gonna represent us this year.____.

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