curiosity often leads to trouble (anachan87) wrote,
curiosity often leads to trouble

TH give away...

Okay, so I really need to free a cupboard in my room and I decided to clean it out of all the stuff I've stored in it in the last 15 years (it has always been my "fan" cupboard, I'd stuff it with EVERYTHING).

Anyway, I stumbled on all of my TH stuff so if anyone wants my TH pile, feel free to leave a comment, I'm shipping everywhere (but I'll be shipping after November 11th aka our elections when I'll get paid).


TH pile includes:
- L'Uomo Vogue featuring the twins - but it is not the one with them on the cover. The copy I got had Sting on it.
- Almost all of the posters from Bravo Tokio Hotel Poster special aka 4 mega posters (on 2 sheets) and 18 A4 posters (on 9 sheets).
- A bunch of Bravo articles including the twins 18th birthday, first trip to the USA, tour of the tourbus, Bill's freiheit tattoo, the twins talking about Andreas.
- the A3 poster of the twins in black and white (but I had it on my wall so the corners are taped).
- Other random posters and printed signed cards

Will also might include:
- The others posters of them I had on my walls, if I find them (which include the one with them posing on those flipped couches and armchairs, Bill in blackandwhite on the helicopter in Monsoon's video, ...)

Things I also found:
- a Killerpilze poster (A3 format)
- Nevada Tan, Timo, Frankie posters (A4 format each)
- articles about LaFee

I guess I'm doing this with: first asks, first gets. GO!

ps: just to clear out in case someone gets a link randomly, I'm giving it away to people I know.
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