curiosity often leads to trouble (anachan87) wrote,
curiosity often leads to trouble

I might be cracking up...

I found this prompt in the list of prompts on klaine_endgame

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine, along with Sam, Finn and Mike, are members of a manufactured boy band who had never met until they were "put together" by a record company. Together they sing, dance, break the hearts of millions of teenage girls and take the world by storm! And along the way, Kurt and Blaine (who are both in the closet) have to deal with falling for each other whilst the world watches.
Additional Info:This prompt is in no way inspired by two particular members of a certain boy band who may or may not have been covered on Glee... Honestly. Also, feel free to substitute Finn or Mike for Puck if you prefer, but please keep Sam!

For the non-gleeks, yes, glee did What Makes You Beautiful.

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