curiosity often leads to trouble (anachan87) wrote,
curiosity often leads to trouble

Rainbow Nails \o/

This was an idea that was bugging me for quite some time, but I never managed to find a color scheme that would have exactly 10 colors that I could match with my nailpolish.

But today, thanks to nupmetal and her post, I got the scheme and since my polish was chipping, I dig in.


Colors used:
Just Rock It by Essence Colour&Go (aka as Warbler's blue and yes I'm still weeping because they stopped producing it)
Blue Cara Ciao by Catrice (The two blues I used are tricky because Just Rock It is too dark to make the shatter top coat visible, so perhaps another version could be ditching the dark blue, starting with the Blue Cara Ciao and then on the 2nd nail putting a light baby blue like You Belong With Me by Essence Colour&Go or Sleepy from the Essence Snow White Trend Edition)
Run Forest Run by Catrice
Check Me Out by Essence Colour&Go (funny thing about this nail polish, I never used it "normally" only for nailart)
Mellow Yellow by Essence Colour&Go
Sundancer by Essence Colour&Go (one color that is pretty similar to this is Essence's Happy from the Snow White Trend Edition)
Fateful Desire by Essence Colour&Go
What Do U Think by Essence Colour&Go
Ultimate Pink by Essence Colour&Go
Passion For Fashion by Essence Colour&Go (LOL, this name screams Kurt Hummel...)

The shatter top is the Cracking Top Coat from Essence and the funny thing is that ALL of the nailpolishes I used here together costs less than a regular OPI nail polish + an OPI crack nailpolish.

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