curiosity often leads to trouble (anachan87) wrote,
curiosity often leads to trouble

question for mac users...

I need help...? Or just an explanation...

I'm trying to clean up my hard disk or... just put some order in it.
So, before I always had all of my mp3s saved in one mp3 folder and I did the same thing when I moved to a macbook. Now I wanted to clean up the mp3 folder only that I realized that all of the mp3s I listened to on my iTunes, are being saved in two folders: the mp3 one and the iTunes one.

So, this makes me wonder:
are all of the songs I listen to on iTunes getting automatically a copy of the file in the iTunes folder?
Does this mean I can just delete my whole mp3 folder? Because I see it pointless keep it all of my mp3s in two different folders and if iTunes automatically moves the mp3 in its' folder, I guess it's only logical to delete the mp3 one?

ETA: the reason why am I asking is because when I had a windows, the only mp3 files that got automatically saved in the iTunes folder, was the one I imported from a cd.

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