August 20th, 2012


The one about McFly and One Direction [with Blur's icon, lol]

If you know me, you know that I love McFly. And if you’re in the One Direction fandom, you should know that Tom Fletcher wrote I wanna and that the two bands are working together on One Direction’s new album, hence why I’m curious to hear One Direction’s second album, despite never listening to their first album xD

Today, I was on the bus and One Direction’s cover of Forever Young started on my iPod [btw, don’t get excited, it’s the only 1D song I have] and for some reason I started comparing the two bands and I’ve noticed that both bands were put together, they didn’t start as a group of friends. When McFly released their first album, they were labeled as teeny pop group and most people [myself included] didn’t think they’d last long. Color me surprised when I’ve heard their second album, Wonderland, where the music and the lyrics had made a total flip, they wrote more serious songs, that catchy teen vibe was lost and this was McFly’s reply to everyone criticizing them and telling them they would not last. And this is the main reason why I’m curious about One Direction’s new album because I wanna see if they will try the same, leaving behind the catchy tunes such as What makes you beautiful. [McFly’s 3rd album Motion in the Ocean was a mix of both, Radio:ACTIVE as well, only that one had a heavier sound and a richer arrangement because they added more piano, synth, trumpets, etc to their sound].

Aaaaand before I forget, both Danny and Tom have tweeted about working with 1D and posted pics, so if anyone wants to follow them, their twitters are @Dannymcfly and @tommcfly.

Also, if you want to compare, here are the singles from McFly’s first album Room on the 3rd Floor and the second album Wonderland. As you’ll see, not only the sound changed but also the way their videos were made – and the two albums were released less than 2 years apart.

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