June 6th, 2011



Awesome meme is awesome and it was snatched from elizabeth21r

Section 1: The basics
1. Which was the first song you ever heard of them?
2. When and how did you find out about the band?
3. Who is your favorite member and why?
4. Who is your least favorite member and why?
5. Favorite album?
6. Least favorite album?
7. Favorite tracks from each album?
8. Tracks you rarely listen or you like the least from each album?
9. What's more important to you, their looks or their music?
10. What's the first word that comes in mind when you think of 'Tokio Hotel'?

Section 2: Personal
1. What was the ultimate factor that made you a fan? Was there some specific crucial thing that locked your love towards TH?
2. For as long as you've been a fan, what's your favorite memory of the band?
3. Have there been times that you were disappointed by something the band did? If so, what was it?
4. Do you think Tokio Hotel would be the same without Gustav or Georg?
5. What's the thing you love the most in the whole package of being a Tokio Hotel fan?
6. Was there any time that you seriously considered to stop listening and supporting them? What made you change your mind?
7. If you have seen them live, what is your favorite/most vivid memory of that day/days?
8. What's the most crazy/weird thing you've ever done for Tokio Hotel? Something you would never consider doing under normal circumstances?
9. Have you met people that became very important to you through Tokio Hotel?
10. Do you think that show business has "changed" Tokio Hotel and that's why they have somehow distanced themselves?

Section 3: Fangirl-ish
1. What is your most favorite picture of the band? The one that always comes in mind whenever you think of them?
2. What's your favorite thing about your favorite member?
3. What is your most favorite picture of your favorite member?
4. Out of aaaall their interviews, is there a specific one that you like the most?
5. When you're somewhere outside, or you're randomly watching something and suddenly a Tokio Hotel song comes on, what's your reaction? Are you brushing it off or does it put a smile on your face?
6. Are there any completely random activities/objects that you have somehow linked to Tokio Hotel, thus they make you laugh or brighten your day?
7. Confession time: Did you, or did you not think Bill was a girl when you first saw Tokio Hotel?
8. Do you have dozens of posters/TH related stuff in your room/house, or are you more of a casual fan?
9. Out of everything related to the band, what is the one thing that you love the most and why?
10. Last but not least, if you could turn back time, is there anything you'd change to the way things turned out in your fandom-related life?

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